Search engine optimisation and submission

Search engine optimisation of page content and keyword selection are crucial aspects in maximising your search engine positioning.  This is discussed in depth with you at the design stage.

Many people seem to think that once you have your web site hosted somewhere, the world will beat a path to your electronic door.

This is not the case.  Unless your site is specifically submitted to the various search engines, they will not know you exist and therefore your pages will not feature in any search results.

All our client's sites are submitted, by hand, to specific search engines and/or directories appropriate to the areas from which they wish to attract business.

Automated submission systems can lead to you ending up on hundreds of useless directories which only result in loads of junk (spam) email.

Part of the submission process includes the creation of a 'Google Sitemap' which will make you known to Google from the moment your site goes live.  Your site will then typically be indexed within 24 hours.  This process also gives you finer control over which pages you want indexed and how often.

Beware of claims made by people guaranteeing you a top 5 or top 10 placing in search engine results.  Ask yourself how they would satisfy this claim if all the people claiming to be able to achieve it had, lets say, two clients in the same areas of business.

We will discuss with you your expectations from the site and choose an appropriate strategy.  This could include any combination of free submission, paid for inclusion and 'pay-per-click' options.

We don't make any wild claims, we just follow proven guidelines for search engine optimisation.


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