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Actually, this is not so much a web log as a place for ideas, suggestions, software recommendations, etc.  If you wish to comment on anything you see here, email your thoughts and if they are judged to be relevant and helpful to other readers of these pages, your thoughts will be included with due accreditation given.

Fighting back against spam
Use the software we use

Fighting back against the spam

Spam emails have reached plague proportions and are costing businesses billions in wasted time dealing with them.  If you click on any of the obvious email links on this site, you will not see your email client activated but rather, you will be taken to our email page, with default text in place, ready for you to complete and send.

You can read/download the pdf document, 'Thinking outside the mail box' and download the code files.  If you had a pre Nov 2005 version of the pdf, there was an error in the a link text on Page 7.

Use the software we use

Product links shown below are for software that we use ourselves and are happy with its performance.  Therefore we feel able to suggest its use to you.  There may also be links to sites we think may be of interest to you.

However, you should not take these links as an unqualified endorsement.  Only you can determine whether or not a product or site is appropriate for your needs.

Please note our terms and conditions for third party links before following them.

AVG Anti-Virus logo

We have been using AVG software for the past 12 years and in that time, I cannot remember a single virus that made it on to the system.  We currently use the Anti-virus plus Firewall version.  The system is updated automatically, scans incomming emails, etc and is set to do a complete system scan once a day.

Firetrust logo

The Firetrust products are a great way to keep spam, etc. from ever reaching your inbox.  Mailwasher for example lets you look at the emails waiting on your email server and enables you to filter out the rubbish before downloading.  We never download directly with our email clients, only via Mailwasher.

Paragon Software Group logo

We currently use Partition Manager and Diskeeper products from Paragon Software to manage our disk space.  Over a period of time, the space on your hard drive becomes disorganised (file fragmentation).  This usually manifests itself as a system slow to respond.  Tidying up your hard drive can have a marked impact on performance.  Paragon Software provide a range of disk management products.

Royalty Free Images

Looking for that special image at a price everyone can afford?  We recommend the huge selection of royalty free images available from Dreamstime.  The globe used in constructing the image at the bottom-right of these pages was obtained from the Dreamstime site.


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